Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turn signal jacket

So. Didn't know it. But. There is a site called instructables.com that provides DIY tutorials on everything from building a cat hammock to constructing padded football uniforms for toddlers.

I learned about the site after reading a Tweet that pointed to an article with instructions on how to make a turn signal bicycling jacket using LilyPad LEDs and conductive thread.

It is quite possible that this breakthrough in DIY turn signal jacket production will revolutionize two-wheeled commuting practices across the globe. Actually. Probably. Not.

But. If the illuminated clothing trend makes its way into the marketplace, I believe that it may usher in a new era of rider conspicuity.

Powered jackets are not a foreign concept to year-round motorcyclists. I already use an electric jacket and gloves to stay warm on winter rides. I'm also pretty handy with wiring projects. This makes me a good candidate for the DIY turn signal jacket. Or not. I am nowhere close to threading my girlfriend's sewing machine with electronic string.

While I've got bigger things to do with my time, I would consider purchasing a mass-market version of the turn-signal jacket. The winning product will need to be durable, appropriately priced and integrated into a garment that I would buy anyway.


  1. Excellent post and writing style. Bookmarked.

  2. I agree and would get one too, if it was for sale!

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