Monday, November 2, 2009

Mk2kid illustrates for Ducati

Ducati motorcycles commissioned artist Mk2kid to produce a series of motorcycle prints that are absolutely dark and angry and appropriate for our times.

The limited edition prints are a part of the Ducati Official Fine Art Print Collection.

The prints feature the Ducati Monster and the Hypermotard (among others). The machines are aggressively ripped apart and splattered with energy. The graphical style of the artist makes the motorcycles appear as if they have exploded on the canvas and evokes a scene of carnage that is anything but cozy.

According to, Ducati used Cultwork Agency to locate Mk2Kid. I used Google to try to locate Cultwork Agency and returned no direct information about the group. I was able to identify other Ducati works that were copyright by Cultwork, indicating that the agency does exist and may have a history of locating talent for Ducati.

Mk2Kid has a slick flash website that is, unfortunately, difficult to navigate and reveals little information about the project.

The Ducati Art website refers to Mk2Kid simply as MK and indicates that the artist was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1976 and now lives and works in New York City. He appears to like whiskey. 

Whatever the story, Mk2Kid has produced some fine art. I like it and look forward to watching this artist in the future.


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