Friday, May 30, 2008

What's up with all these Canadians?


There are Canadians all over this trail. I don't know where they all come from. I figure they must be hiking in our woods because we cut down all their trees to make plywood.

Just the other day three Canadian oil workers broke the record for the longest hike while hung all the way over. Twenty six miles. They passed me two miles into the day and reached town an hour before us. I think the only reason they hiked so far was because they needed to get to the next town with beer. It's good we arrived in Damascus at the same time because we got to drink with them. I couldn't keep up with them on the trail or in the pub.

And then there are these two charming but shy Canadian women who are thru hiking with their mom. You'd think a bunch of Trail Ninjas would be able to hike faster than two girls who are walking with their mom. But we can't. They've been keeping up with us for the last week. I think they like my kilt.


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