Friday, May 30, 2008

Coach and Ethan


So, there is this professor of religion from Indiana Wesleyan University who hikes 500 miles every summer and takes students with him on the trail. He gets the students to carry some of his gear and, in turn, he provides them with wisdom, guidance and entertainment. Not a bad deal, all around.

Dude goes by Coach and I like him because he gave me my trail name. That and he wears a Beachy Amish beard.

Coach thru hiked the trail in 1972 with his wife.

Goose, the Trail Ninjas and I meet up with Coach and Ethan (the last remaining student from this summer's adventure) a week or so back and have been crossing paths with them ever since. They hike slower than we do, but they are also more efficient and get an earlier start on the day.

I like it that they don't carry a stove and rarely stay at shelters. That's some badass trail performance right there. I tell you what.

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