Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Electric car pulls 50ft tree

While I am on the topic of hauling Christmas trees with energy efficient vehicles, I feel compelled to share an image and article that was passed on to me by an uncle of mine.

The tree and car are reported to have traveled 15 miles from forest to home. The report is that the tree was decorated in advance so that the driver could pass by the home of his housebound grandmother and share the spectacle with her aging eyes.

At it's final destination, the tree was cut into sections and positioned inside the driver's home to form the optical illusion that the tree was growing up through the center of the house and protruding through the roof.

Is it real or is it Photoshop? You be the judge: http://bit.ly/NFtreecar

Once again, real life people in European countries have proven that small vehicles are capable of hauling mighty loads.

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