Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Smokies


We've made it through the Smokies. They were rather unremarkable, really. The best part, perhaps, was when we discovered some unanticipated high alpine meadows. I may have broken into song. In fact, I'm pretty sure I did.

Clingman's Dome, the highest point on the AT, was actually quite easy to get to. It provided some great views and an opportunity to poke a bit of fun at the tourists who had driven to the top of the mountain. All in all, the terrain of the Smokies was pretty easy going and we have decided that we will ramp up our mileage in the weeks to come. Our planned itinerary is simply too easy. I actually ran a section of the trail yesterday.

We still haven't seen any exotic wildlife. However, the other night I was taking a dump in the middle of the night with my headlamp on and two eyes reflected back at me. The animal was big, but my headlamp was too weak to identify what it was. It could have been a bear. It could have been a deer. It may have even been a wild hog. Either way, it scared the shit out of me. Literally.


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