Monday, October 19, 2009

This bike hobby is about to get political

I've spent decades commuting around Lancaster on my bicycle with the belief that I was one of the proud and unorganized few. Well what do you know, we may still be few, but we are no longer unorganized. I learned on Saturday that, embedded within Dream Ride Projects (organizers of the Dream Ride and the Nightmare Tour), the League of Lancaster Bicyclists exists to move Lancaster County towards becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community.

The League of Lancaster Bicyclists is an affiliate of the League of American Bicyclists. This is not a social group of riders, but an organized effort to advocate and promote bicycling across the country. Through intentional work in the areas of engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation and planning, enforcement, and equality, the league uses its members to advance bicycling in their local communities.

Sign me up. Never mind, I already signed up this afternoon. But tell me what to do. I'm so eager to volunteer and support this organization that I'm getting impatient waiting for my marching orders.

Membership is open to anyone and includes a subscription to Bicycling Magazine and discounts at participating bike shops. Sign up here or click on the Lancaster League of Bicyclists logo to the right of this blog at anytime to learn more about the league. If you are not in Lancaster, find out if there is a League of American Bicyclists affiliate in your area.


  1. this sounds awesome! bicyclists need to avoid the separation that other fringe groups seem to embrace. musicians,motorcyclists,outdoor enthusiasts and a million other groups tend to spend too much time arguing over who's more "legit" than realizing they have common concerns that could be addressed for the common good.

    from fixed gear fanatics to 28 speed mtn bikers to hyper alloy carbon fiber speed freaks we are ALL one driving and texting teenager from being street meat.

    I'm signing up an i'll see you at the regional meting!

  2. Sweet. Your perspective on staying united as bicyclists is really important. Two wheels all the way!