Monday, October 12, 2009

Bikepool makes bicycle commuting green

This is a photo of a 1980s Santana tandem bicycle and a picture of the future of bicycle commuting for cyclists Trace Oberholtzer and Steve Erickson.

The duo purchased the used tandem from Cycle Circle bike shop in Lancaster and are now combining their pedal power to commute from their homes in Lancaster city to their work at Landis Homes.

Oberholtzer commissioned the new ride by piloting it solo to work the morning after it was brought home from Cycle Circle and received a polish and a set of flashy lights.

This particular bicycle built for two is a beautiful piece of work that sat dusty for too long in the back of the used bicycle room at Cycle Circle bike shop, prompting owner Tom Pod to sell the complete bike to Oberholtzer for a mere $300, well under the value of the frame alone.

Equipped with components from the glory days of Suntour, the bike is not light but it does ease the load. I hate to think of all the excessive energy that was wasted when these guys rode side by side on separate bikes.

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