Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet the Gimp, my city commuter

The Gimp is a bit of shelter-rescue bike, resurrected from the streets where it was left for dead a few years ago. I gave it a little Ninja Fast attention and nursed it back to life, rebuilding the wheels and stripping the wrecked derailleur and smashed chain rings.

The front shock that came on this bike was massively heavy and largely ineffective, so I gutted it and at least gained the wasted weight of the springs and bits inside. I flipped the handlebars upside down and mounted them on an aggressive mountain bike stem. The seat and seatpost are both new, as are the bmx pedals (not pictured).

The trailer was purchased from Cycle Circle in Lancaster and has revolutionized my use of the bicycle for carrying freight. I purchased a second trailer axle for my cyclocross bike, but find the Gimp to be the most stable and sure-footed hauler in my shed.

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