Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Uncle Rich joins me for a night on the trail


A bit of a trail highlight here... my Uncle Rich met me at the 501 crossing in PA and hiked overnight with me and into the next day. Aunt Barb dropped him off on the roadside and my Uncle Steve even road up on his Harley to say hello (he couldn't get off work long enough to hike with us).

I had given Rich a list of groceries to pick up for me and he insisted on carrying them all the way to our camp. When he unpacked them, he also handed over a packet of venison bologna and cheese. I was thrilled. Plus, he brought our evening meal and a stove to cook it on! I haven't had a stove for over a month!

It was a wet night, but we managed to build a fire together and had some of the best conversations that I've had on the trail. It's great to have mentors like him in my life.

In the morning, as we hiked to the next trail crossing, we saw a bear.

All in all, quality.


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